Your customized BMW 328

Hull Color : Give your young driver the option to choose from a dazzling array of colors for the hull of their miniature BMW 328. Whether it’s classic glossy black, vibrant blue, or a bolder shade, we have a range of colors to satisfy all tastes.

Dashboard Selection : Let your child create a driving space that reflects their personality. With our customization service, they can choose from a variety of dashboards, from sporty to more elegant designs. Thus, every journey becomes a unique and exciting experience.

Seat Colors : Make the interior of your child’s BMW 328 a place of comfort and style. Customizable seats allow you to choose from a range of colors to best match your child’s personality or your own design preferences.

Choice of Hubcaps : The little details make all the difference. Give your child the option to choose from a selection of wheel hubcaps to give their BMW 328 a unique finishing touch.Whether for a sporty or elegant look, our customization options allow you to create a miniature car perfectly suited to their style.