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Collect Car is an innovative company dedicated to crafting exceptional electric cars specially designed for children and passionate collectors.

Their commitment to quality, design, and durability makes each vehicle a true rolling work of art.

With Collect Car, the passion for automobiles begins at a young age.

An exceptional range for both children and passionate collectors.

Discover our range of BMW 328 for children, faithful miniature replicas of the iconic original model, offering the youngest ones an unforgettable driving experience.

Give your young driver's junior car a new lease of life with Collect Car 84!

Do you have a young driver at home who loves their Mustang, Cobra, Porsche junior, or another dream car?

At Collect Car 84, we have the perfect way to breathe new life into these little wonders by converting them into electric cars!

Our BMW 328 is eligible for the Little Big Mans event!

Our BMW 328 Junior is more than just a meticulously detailed replica of the classic icon. It’s also eligible to participate in the prestigious Little Big Mans.

Our car is designed to provide an authentic driving experience for young car enthusiasts.

It’s the perfect opportunity for the youngest ones to get involved in the world of classic cars while having fun on the track.

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