Transform your junior cars with our electric conversion service

You have a young driver at home who loves their Mustang, Cobra, Porsche Junior, or another dream car?

At Collect Car 84, we have the perfect way to give these little wonders a new lease of life by converting them into electric cars! Discover our ‘retrofit’ concept for young drivers.

Why choose Collect Car 84 for the conversion of your junior car?

High-Quality Electrification:

Our conversion expert, Seb, applies his expertise to transform your child’s junior car into a reliable, quiet, and fun electric vehicle.

Safety First:

Your child’s safety is our priority. Our conversions are done with top-quality components and integrated safety systems for a secure driving experience.

A Touch of Authenticity:

At Collect Car, we go the extra mile to provide an authentic experience for your little drivers. We can reproduce the distinctive sound of the original car’s engine in the electric junior car, adding a touch of realism and fun to the drive. Your children will feel the excitement of driving a sports car while respecting the environment.

It’s the best of both worlds for an unforgettable driving experience!

How does it work?

  • Initial Consultation: Contact us to discuss converting your child’s model. We’ll assess the feasibility of the project based on the car model and overall condition.

  • Customization: Sébastien will tailor the conversion to your model’s specifications, ensuring performance and driving pleasure.

  • Installation and Testing: Sébastien will install the electric motor and batteries. We’ll conduct rigorous tests to ensure the quality and safety of the conversion.

    Your mini driver will experience a whole new driving experience with an electric car by Collect Car 84.

    More power, more control, and more fun.
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